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Chasing the Moon (2011)

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0316093556 (ISBN13: 9780316093552)

Chasing The Moon (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

I was thoroughly entertained by this book. It's one of the most original books I have read in a long while. The cast was colourful and fun to get to know; I particularly liked Vom and the small dog. It throws the whole "monsters in the closet" idea right on its head. It was a quick read, as it was so fast-paced and I found it so enjoyable. It was written with a sense of humour that was right up my street. The characters were all memorable and well-written, and there wasn't one of them that was unlikable or out of place. Diana was brilliant: I loved the way she came to terms with what was happening and just went along with it all. There were some interesting messages in here, particularly about the way in which the cosmic monsters were only terrifying because that's how everyone perceived them, and they didn't know how else to be. It was quite refreshing in fact.My main criticism with this book was that the plot was a bit thin: there was so much action and little scenes throughout the book that at times the point of it all went missing. But it was such good fun. Will be reading more books by this author now. A. Lee Martinez writes excellent one-off fantasy and scifi inspired stories and novels that are weird-funny. You can't predict where he will go with an idea. That's what's so great about reading his stuff, though. Every story is fresh, interesting, strange, and entertaining. This one is about alternate realities, god-like creatures that accidentally get stuck in our reality, and the people who take care of them. The world is nearly destroyed, perhaps more than once. There are people who change into monsters and a crazy apartment building for misfits from other dimensions.

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My favorite book by this author. More for the uniqueness of his secondary characters who I loved.

I adored the charatcers and the twists and turns this book held.

i so tried to read this book and just couldnt get into it!

good read, weird per usual. great monsters!

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