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Read Der Mond Ist Nicht Genug (2013)

Der Mond ist nicht genug (2013)

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Der Mond Ist Nicht Genug (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Another great book by A. Lee Martinez. I had trouble putting this one down and I am pretty sure I annoyed everyone around me by constantly reading passages from the book to them because I thought they were so funny. If you have never read a Martinez book the story, characters, and plot will seem strange, disjointed and probably down right weird - and they are. But Martinez's writing style is amazing and innovative and, as usual, kept me completely entertained. I like Martinez, a lot. His books are all very unique. Chasing the Moon is no different. It is funny as hell, but what I am left thinking about after the final page is what really was the plot. In his other books he has been very good about setting up "what the goal is." His characters have these things they are trying to accomplish. This is the first time his protagonist has just been trying to exist; that is, unless I am misinterpreting the whole point of it. She starts off a stranger in a strange land. The rest of the tale is her attempts to adjust to her new "home." I put home in quotes because her new home is the same as her old home- it is the same world, just different now. I gave the book three stars not because it was not as good as his other stuff, but because it is so unusual with its non-plot. It has a plot, in some way, but not what is expected. I was waiting for a villain to show up or some world crushing monster to emerge. It never did. The strangest part of it is that that was not disappointing. It is satisfying because the characters are still enjoyable, fun, and endlessly lovable. As an amateur writer this all makes me wonder how much Martinez outlines his work before he writes. I wonder if he was writing this and suddenly looking for the plot himself. Did he ask where the villain was, or was this on purpose? It could be either. This is not meant as a critical analysis. It is literally an honest question. Those three stars are there because anyone who has read his stuff before is going to be asking the same thing.

What do You think about Der Mond Ist Nicht Genug (2013)?

Once again I am loving A. Martinez's imagination, slightly weird, but I really, really like reading!

Another fun, easy, warped (in a good way) comical/fantasy/horror book from Martinez. Loved it.

Another zany story. I still liked his first book (Gil's All Fright Diner) the best.

Props to A Lee Martinez. Funny, clever and entertaining...again. Keep 'em comin'.

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