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Read Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest (2014)

Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest (2014)

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0316402060 (ISBN13: 9780316402064)

Helen & Troy's Epic Road Quest (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

A snappy, fun read. Our teenage heroes - one a minotaur the other freakishly awesome - undertake a short quest through an alternate version of Nevada, Utah, etc. that is inhabited by magical beings of all types. Having taken many a road trip through that part of the country I could only wish to see and experience such a panoply of amusements (including an awesome dragon sanctuary!!). However much fun this book was, I have to say the most surprising thing about it was that it wasn't classed into the Young Adult category. Okay - I adore A. Lee Martinez, so I admit I wasn't a hard sell for this book in the first place; I've been looking forward to it since I first heard the title. I wasn't disappointed. This book was pure entertainment on every level. I started laughing out loud somewhere around page six, and it just kept being awesome.It's fun and clever and intelligent and imaginative and entertaining in every way that I expect his writing to be, and it's among the best of his books. It was exactly what I needed to read, at exactly the right time, and my only let-down is that I can't keep it in my back pocket to read for the first time in case of emergency blue mood anymore.Seriously, y'all. Go read it. It's rare that a book is both funny and clever like this...

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Lots of absurd fun. Excellent audiobook production! Highly recommend listening to it if possible.

It is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Typical Lee Martinez; good fun amusing read.

Loved it!!!

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