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Create Your Own Religion (2014)

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Red Wheel Weiser

Create Your Own Religion (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

With its usual arrogant, bossy manners, it demanded a starring role in this chapter, and threatened not to leave my book alone until it got its share of the spotlight. Our most annoying guest is not the type we can convince that it's time to go home by yawning and claiming we have to wake up early tomorrow. And certainly, we will not be able to gently but firmly usher it to the door, either. Quite a number of people have already been trying to do that for a few millennia without any luck. And so here we are, tackling one of the forces that has done the most to squash dreams, deny what should be basic, inalienable rights, and enslave the bodies and souls of half of the human population.
    The name of the beast is patriarchy—a dark, ever-present demon whose shadow never left the stage of history. Male domination and female submission are the ideological cornerstones on which it built its home in the consciousness of millions of people throughout the world. In modern times, most religions pretend to be barely acquainted with it.

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