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Curfew - Plot & Excerpts

Triston rarely came over anymore after Barry’s mom caught Triston “sexting” with Amanda. Triston had momentarily stepped away from his cellphone to take a piss and Barry’s mom caught a glimpse of a message on his screen. The way she screamed after reading their exchange gave Barry goosebumps. Neither Triston nor his mom ever shared what was in those messages with Barry, but the fact she banned him from coming inside her house for life spoke volumes of its contents.
After that night the embarrassment hung to Barry for months and he could barely look his mother in her eyes; afraid she may associate Triston’s behavior with his own. Little did she know Barry was still a virgin, but he was hoping that one day that would change and there wasn’t another girl he’d want to take that step with besides Mary.
As the seconds crawled and the evening progressed, Barry became impatient and was about to call Triston when he saw the black SUV pull up in front of his house. Triston immediately blew the horn as Amanda rolled down the truck’s front passenger’s side window and started screaming Barry’s name.

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