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Die magische Klinge (2011)

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Die Magische Klinge (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

The final book in The Good Neighbors trilogy. This graphic novel was missing something. It had all the parts of a full story: Beginning, Middle, End, but somehow it didn't feel complete. In the first book you find out Rue is part faerie. That her mom is the daughter of the faerie king. In the second book the faerie king kills himself after cutting off Rue's city from the rest of the world. Before committing suicide Aubrey the faerie king unlocks the faerie world and allows it to flourish in the new boundaries of Rue's isolated city. In the third book, you get a prologue of a lost island that was magic. Then at the end of the book the island is an island again. Holly Black doesn't tell us how the magic faerie island became part of the human world. How the faeries got locked under ground. I was a bit confused. I know this is a graphic novel so the story is going to be shortened still feels incomplete. I have so many questions. Good build up but the ending felt rushed and underwhelming. Very anticlimactic which took away from the entire series. Still feel nothing towards Rue. I couldn't sympathize with her at all and really could not care less what would become of her. I think it was the mythology and faerie-human conflicts that kept me reading. Overall, not a spectacular read but decent series, elevated mostly by the artwork and the details.

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The humans and faeries are at war and Rue must decide which side she is on.

I liked the artwork, but story was just so-so

Wow... That was a fizzle.

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