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Do You Think You're Clever?

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Do You Think You're Clever? - Plot & Excerpts

How would you describe an apple?(Social and Political Sciences, Cambridge)‘Surely,’ said the nineteenth-century American poet and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, ‘the apple is the noblest fruit.’ And there is no fruit that has acquired such symbolic status and been so overlaid with meaning as this ball of pulp, seeds and skin. From New York City to Macintosh computers, it stands for everything from true knowledge to all that’s wholesome, all in a tidy little package. A child is the ‘apple of his parents’ eyes’. A good kid gone rotten is ‘a bad apple’. Apples are the comfort for those sick of love in the ‘Song of Solomon’. In fact, apples are pretty much anything you want them to be. And everyone has their own way of describing them.If you were an artist, you might describe an apple as a roundish fruit typically about the size of a tennis ball (5 to 9 centimetres in diameter). It’s not quite round, though, as a closer look would show, for there are indentations on opposite sides – a shallow one at the bottom and a deeper one at the top where the stalk is attached.

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