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Read Doctor's Love (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)

Doctor's Love (BWWM Pregnancy Romance)

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Doctor's Love (BWWM Pregnancy Romance) - Plot & Excerpts

She could already feel the beginnings of his hard-on and the familiar tingles that she felt the first night they met.
    “Come on, we are wasting time. We only have an hour remember?”
    “Yes, I could take you right here if you want.”
    Meeka giggled like a school girl and pushed him away.
    “Come on Rick. Let’s go back to my place. It is only ten minutes away.”
    Rick growled with excitement.
    “Ten minutes is a long time Meeka, especially when I am close to you like this.”
    Meeka smiled and got into the low riding car. Her skirt was not as short as the one she had worn the night before, but it still showed off a considerable amount of her curvy thighs. When he got back into the vehicle, she pushed her lips onto his. She moaned as his tongue slipped inside of her mouth and she found it impossible to not think about his mouth on her core.

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