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Read Series: Deadwood

by Author Ann Charles


An Ex to Grind in Deadwood (2014)

If the book starts with an apartment full of cuckoo clocks a decapitated body and a shrunken head or heads, well count me in for the read. Reading this book was a lot of fun, and it was much better, than the previous one. However, even in this installment Violet’s parenting, real estate, and dipl...

An Ex to Grind in Deadwood (2014) by Ann Charles

Better Off Dead in Deadwood (2013)

So far my least favorite of the series. The pace seemed a little slower, and the novelty has worn off the series. This one seemed a little too formulaic for my taste. Her banter with the police detective has gone from playful to annoying, and her failure to fully commit to Doc is getting tiring. ...

Better Off Dead in Deadwood (2013) by Ann Charles

Dead Case in Deadwood (2000)

Just finished DEAD CASE IN DEADWOOD by ANN CHARLES. A sassy, sexy, and spooky story featuring real estate agent Violet Parker who suspects the Mudder brothers are crating up and transporting body parts from their mortuary in Deadwood, South Dakota. Violet and her best friend Natalie try their bes...

Dead Case in Deadwood (2000) by Ann Charles

Optical Delusions in Deadwood (2011)

This book takes place just a few months after the first in the series. Violet Parker is still recovering from her ordeal from being in a serial killer's clutches. To top it off, she's getting a reputation in the community for taking on paranormal and odd houses to sell. She's also dealing with...

Optical Delusions in Deadwood (2011) by Ann Charles

Nearly Departed in Deadwood (2011)

I really did like this book. Well I liked Violet, Doc, Violets Aunt & Violets kids. I Also liked her friends and most of the town. I do have to say I had the bad guy pegged pretty quickly, Violet needs to learn more about red flags. Even figuring out the bad guy the book was still entertainin...

Nearly Departed in Deadwood (2011) by Ann Charles