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Read Series: Katherine "Kitty" Katt

by Author Gini Koch


Alien in the House (2013)

Another fun and exciting entry in the Alien series. Btw, I enjoy the introductions: "...What can I say? I get around."Characters continue to come and go--sometimes for good. And Kitty Katt is fantastic--well, except for when she declared war on the United States. (It was a mistake.) And peopl...

Alien in the House (2013) by Gini Koch

Alien vs. Alien (2012)

Boo, for getting sick! It took me far too long to read this amazing adventure! Kitty has so much more going on this time. A teething baby, new talents exposed, some new pets to deal with, and oh yah, new aliens invading earth! But to add to the mix the new aliens are working with old enemies ...

Alien vs. Alien (2012) by Gini Koch

Alien Diplomacy (2012)

This edition started a little differently than I'm used to. It wasn't fear and adrenaline right away, we start out seeing Kitty doing seemingly normal things with seemingly normal people. Of course that quickly changes to "who is out to get us" and "how many plots are there?" I love that they ...

Alien Diplomacy (2012) by Gini Koch

Alien Proliferation (2011)

I've enjoyed all of Gini Koch's Alien series--and there's more danger, suspense, and nasty villains in this episode--and all while Kitty Katt has a baby shower and a baby and copes with being a mother. And she is a mother; she has to feed and take care of the baby. And the action is non-stop!I lo...

Alien Proliferation (2011) by Gini Koch

Alien in the Family (2011)

Count me among the people who love the slapstick silliness of Kitty Katt's life. The creative world is great, but the execution of the storyline in book three is... okay. It wasn't quite the doubled over laughing, flying through the pages great that I enjoyed in books 1 & 2. Why? Partly because t...

Alien in the Family (2011) by Gini Koch

Alien Tango (2010)

2nd book the the Katherine Katt series3-4 stars depending on what part.I think I liked the first book better than this one but I'm still enjoying it. I think my issue here is that this book felt to me that it was trying too hard to retain the humor in the first book that it overcompensated. Katt ...

Alien Tango (2010) by Gini Koch

Touched by an Alien (2010)

Fun and light, I came to this series as a romance reader, not a science fiction reader (though I do read her sister genre, fantasy). I got exactly what I was expecting, with a little bit extra - off the wall PNR with a dash of sci-fi. People, this is not "Wuthering heights" or Honor Harrington ...

Touched by an Alien (2010) by Gini Koch

Aliens In Armani (2011)

If only jury duty were this exciting. Our heroine, Katherine "Kitty" Katt (yes, the author really named her lead character that) is leaving the courthouse when she witnesses an argument spiral out of control, and one of the participants turns into a flying demon. Instead of running scared, Kitty ...

Aliens In Armani (2011) by Gini Koch