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Read Series: Never Too Late

by Author Donna McDonald


Dating a Metro Man (2000)

I have enjoyed this entire series. I gave all the other books 4 stars since there is no way to do a fraction. With this one I had to give it a 5. It is the best of the series for me. This series of books shows that there is life, love, fun, sex for us over the age of 40. They are a fun read, ...

Dating a Metro Man (2000) by Donna McDonald

Never Can Tell (2013)

3.5 STARSI enjoyed catching up with Ty and Never. They are still both kind of fucked up in the head, but seem to be moving in the right direction. Never is completely insecure in her role as a wife and mother, but considering her past it's easy to see why. I loved Ty's almost infinite patience...

Never Can Tell (2013) by C.M. Stunich

Dating a Cougar (2000)

I thought this was chick lit for the more mature women. It wasn't. It was porn for women. Nothing wrong with it; but I found it immensely boring. That's why it has been such a gap since I last read a book, I struggled to finish this one. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with sex, but I ...

Dating a Cougar (2000) by Donna McDonald