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Never Can Tell (2013)

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Sarian Royal

Never Can Tell (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

3.5 STARSI enjoyed catching up with Ty and Never. They are still both kind of fucked up in the head, but seem to be moving in the right direction. Never is completely insecure in her role as a wife and mother, but considering her past it's easy to see why. I loved Ty's almost infinite patience and his belief that they can get through anything together.This does end on a bit of a cliffhanger, but that seems to involve Zella, not Ty and Never. I hope there is more Ty/Never to come because I feel like there is a lot left untold. I want to know what happens with Hannah and the murdered girl from Ty's past. I'm having a difficult time with one. When I finished Keeping Never I felt like the story ended in a spectacular way. I always want more of characters I love, and I love the fuck out of Never and Ty so when I got Never Can Tell I was so excited to continue their story. Then I read it...don't get me wrong, I love this story so much..I just don't know how I feel about it. It just felt like I was resding the same stuff all over again only now a baby was involved. I'm super excired for the next one though because of how this one ended. I think having another sister's story will reel this one back in.

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I love the Never series and can never get enough! 5 Stars from me!

Arrrhgghh damn these cliffhangers!

Can't wait till the next one

Great quickie read.

I love ty

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