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Read Series: Tales From The Wyrd Museum

by Author Robin Jarvis


The Woven Path (2002)

I will admit, I did not finish this book. The story's premise is that a boy goes back in time to WWII London trying to get his younger sibling back. A demon also goes back and is released. The demon increases the level of evil in people. So, when one jealous woman suggests to some young boys ...

The Woven Path (2002) by Robin Jarvis

The Raven's Knot (1996)

This was a great sequel to the first book in the trilogy (Woven Path), and picks up where it left off. While this book also contains some scary and gruesome scenes, it has a slightly different feel. "Woven Path" is more of a horror/adventure story, or it felt that way to me; this one is also very...

The Raven's Knot (1996) by Robin Jarvis