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The Raven's Knot (1996)

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The Raven's Knot (1996) - Plot & Excerpts

This was a great sequel to the first book in the trilogy (Woven Path), and picks up where it left off. While this book also contains some scary and gruesome scenes, it has a slightly different feel. "Woven Path" is more of a horror/adventure story, or it felt that way to me; this one is also very scary at times, but it also contains many elements of religion and mythology. Christian artifacts and legends mix with ancient myths and even the King Arthur tales; the result was very intriguing and seemed very full and rich to me. I really like how Robin Jarvis, the author, combines so many unexpected threads into one story. I would caution against reading this as a pure fantasy, because of the scary aspect, and it is more intense than its cover suggests. But, I loved it!

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