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Read Series: The Forever Series

by Author Deanna Roy


Forever Sheltered (2014)

i started and finished all three books in this series today. i went through a wide range of emotions reading this series. if you need to ugly cry, this is it. it doesn't get any better - worse - that this whole series. as for this one in particular, it had a pretty abrupt ending. i am not nearly ...

Forever Sheltered (2014) by Deanna Roy

Giving You Forever (2013)

** I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. ** I had heard nothing but great things about this book since I got my hands on it. I couldn't wait to read it, and I wasn't disappointed. The characters are easy to love and and even harder to forget. Even though I finished the ...

Giving You Forever (2013) by Ashley Wilcox

Planning on Forever (2000)

This book seemed rushed to me, both parties moving on too quickly and the main character Alexa seems to be moving on way too quick falling in love with someone else and sleeping with the guy she falls for too quick. Character building would have made this book better and the writing seemed a litt...

Planning on Forever (2000) by Ashley Wilcox

Forever Innocent (2013)

I received this free eARC in exchange for my honest review. Wow. This book really got me thinking and it really got my emotions all over the place! I've never been in Corabelle or Gavin's shoes and I sure hope I never do because it was so gut-wrenching reading their story that I'm not sure I woul...

Forever Innocent (2013) by Deanna Roy

Waiting on Forever (2000)

First, let me be clear. I haven't read the book, and perhaps because of that it is unfair that I am giving it a rating; however, I do have some points on which I am basing my review as well as reasons why I have put it in the "Uncertain whether to read it or not" shelf.First, I'd like to talk abo...

Waiting on Forever (2000) by Ashley Wilcox