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Giving You Forever (2013)

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Giving You Forever (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

** I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review. ** I had heard nothing but great things about this book since I got my hands on it. I couldn't wait to read it, and I wasn't disappointed. The characters are easy to love and and even harder to forget. Even though I finished the book the characters and story just keep playing in my head. Nolan is a great character and his love for Alexa is very clear. He will bend over backwards to make sure that Alexa is happy and taken care of. Nolan lovers her more than anything, and it's very clear how devoted to her he is. Alexa is madly in love with Nolan, and is willing to do anything it takes to prove to him that no matter what happens her love for him will not falter. I wish more relationships in real life had the qualities that Nolan and Alexa's relationship has. The sex scenes in this book are definitely hot and steamy and leave nothing to the imagination. Ashley Wilcox doesn't leave much to the imagination and I am so glad that she actually calls body parts what they are and there aren't any lame words and phrases to explain what is really happening. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars for wonderful story telling, great characters, and some amazing sex scenes! I will definitely be reading more of Ashley Wilcox's books! Wilcox loses no time starting off the book really hot and steamy! Though I had to read 75% through the book to discover a real conflict, it was filled with action. The iPhone pictures and post-in notes struck me as weird at first. But it was a really cool add on to the book. Although the pictures of the iPhone messages were always at 100% battery and 5 bars, which wasn't very realistic, since most of the time the main characters were half way though their day. I also thought that there was a little bit too much emotions. There was places both Alexa and Nolan were crying where in reality they probably wouldn't be crying. Other than that I really enjoyed this book, it's a quick read. And if you're looking for a little excitement to spice up your boring day at work, than this is perfect for you.My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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I really liked this. I love how Sweet Nolan is.:)

Amazing. I love this series

Too mushy for me. DNF

Wonderful book.

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