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Planning on Forever (2000)

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1481049208 (ISBN13: 9781481049207)

Planning On Forever (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

This book seemed rushed to me, both parties moving on too quickly and the main character Alexa seems to be moving on way too quick falling in love with someone else and sleeping with the guy she falls for too quick. Character building would have made this book better and the writing seemed a little choppy for me. I got to 75% and couldn't read the rest, and fast forward to the end. I really didn't care how the book ended. I was Hoping for a different ending. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Alexa and Collin were your typical high school couple, popular cheerleader and star football player. On the last day of Collin's senior year he flirts with infidelity putting his 2 year relationship with Alexa in jeopardy. So here I thought I was in for this book about Alexa and Collin going through all this and forgiving etc. That is so not what happens. I love that the book went back and forth between their POV's and so I knew what was going on with both of them throughout the whole book. This was a beautiful story about first love and first heartbreak and moving forward and finding your HEA. Very well done. I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

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I loved it. Sigh. Young love. Sigh, again

Went by very quickly. seemed rushed.

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