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Waiting on Forever (2000)

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Waiting On Forever (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

First, let me be clear. I haven't read the book, and perhaps because of that it is unfair that I am giving it a rating; however, I do have some points on which I am basing my review as well as reasons why I have put it in the "Uncertain whether to read it or not" shelf.First, I'd like to talk about the book description. It is one of the things that usually helps us determine whether we want to read a book or not. In this case, the description is fairly simple. Let me summarize it below:1) Leah is a brain and as the short blurb says "College life for her includes studying, working, and excelling in school." (Nevermind the fact that the statement "Leah's life includes excelling." is rather odd.)2) Leah is at the bottom of the social ladder.3) Matthew is a jock, a star athlete. We don't know if he is equally gifted in the more mental disciplines.4) Matthew is at the top of the ladder, "the most wanted guy on campus". All girls want to date him, all guys want to be him or be friends with him.5) Leah and Matthew are best friends.6) Leah has a secret crush on him, but he could never date her, coz her social standing makes him out of her reach.And this is where I start having a problem.I can accept #1-4 as a possible premise, however, once we get to #5 and #6 I am starting to have serious reservations. *If* the social cliques in this college are that strong and unforgiving, then I am wondering how they allowed for such a deep and strong friendship to exist between their King and the one who isn't worthy to kiss the ground he walks on.Alternatively, if we assume that #5 is true, and Matthew has already braved the social condemnation resulting from being friends with Leah, then why would it be such an impossibility for him to do so again when choosing her as a girlfriend?Basically, either the social conventions are unforgiving or they are not. It is an either-or. You just cannot have both at the same time.Seeing such logical blunders right on the cover definitely does not serve to entice me to dive in between the pages of the book. That by itself would already be enough to make me hesitate.Of course, had the subject of the novel been creative and unique, I might have been willing to give it the benefit of the doubt.Unfortunately - and this is where "Second" comes in play - this story sounds like so many stories out there. Girl likes boy, girl thinks boy is unattainable, but after some complication/complications, oh wow! the boy chooses her anyway and they live happily ever after. All in all, I'm putting this book on the "maybe" pile. I might read it one day, but I'll have to find myself without better prospects. I felt that this was a sweet little story, that had some laugh out loud moments along with touching and tender moments and I was happy to be along for the ride. It is fun to watch the girl, Leah, that is not the most popular get the handsome football star. What was so refreshing, is that Matt, the hot football star is a real sweetie. He is humble and kind with a huge heart and you just want to see him happy. This is a quick read, made even faster by the fact that you don't want to put it down because the story is engaging and you just have to know what will happen next. Thanks Ashley, for a fun read on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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It was a bit too whirlwind though a cute and easy read


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