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Read Series: Timewars

by Author Simon Hawke


The Khyber Connection (1986)

Hmm tricky one here not to talk about the book and give things away as now the real picture the big story (and all those other pompous phrases) swing in to full effect as the real danger comes to the front and worlds literally start to collide. The story is fast paced and has a few surprises in s...

The Khyber Connection (1986) by Simon Hawke

The Nautilus Sanction (1999)

This I think (and I see I am not the only one) is where the series starts to forge away in a new direction with the creation of its own villain- yes you have an inclining of it in the fact we are referring to the nautilus and Captain Nemo - again you have the literary nod to the Verne classic but...

The Nautilus Sanction (1999) by Simon Hawke

The Six-Gun Solution (1991)

The Time Commandos travel back in time to the American Frontier to investigate the disappearance of three missing agents.

The Six-Gun Solution (1991) by Simon Hawke

The Zenda Vendetta (1985)

So the series keeps up the thrills and action of the earlier entries only this time they actually make reference to the fictional book that the events are based (in, around, on?) although it is not as complete as they would want it to be. There are some interesting depths added to the characters ...

The Zenda Vendetta (1985) by Simon Hawke

The Lilliput Legion (1989)

The Time Commandos face a new generation of General Drakov's bio-engineered humanoids - but just how deadly could these tiny enemies be? Just six inches tall, the Lilliputian warriors are armed with laser rifles and a vast technology that threatens the existence of two universes! In eighteenth-ce...

The Lilliput Legion (1989) by Simon Hawke

The Dracula Caper (1988)

A plague of vampires and werewolves falls on Victorian England in the late 1800's, but there's nothing supernatural about these creatures. They're genetically engineered monsters from the future, dropped into the past as a terrorist tactic in the Time Wars. To Scotland Yard, it's a mystery more...

The Dracula Caper (1988) by Simon Hawke

The Argonaut Affair (1987)

Traveling with Jason on his mighty vessel, The Argos, in search of the Golden Fleece, Time Commandos Forrester, Cross and Delaney encounter some legendary figures from the past--Hercules, Theseus, Orpheus--and some unlikely surprises. Advertising in Locus.

The Argonaut Affair (1987) by Simon Hawke

The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999)

Now the real story starts to become apparent, yes the idea of fighting your battles in the past hidden amongst the historical conflicts may not have been appealing but the realisation that even greater stakes are now becoming apparent suddenly puts things in to perspective and the conflict though...

The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999) by Simon Hawke

The Pimpernel Plot (1999)

Ok I must apologise I have no idea what happened (although my iMac and I had a major falling out) but it seems my reviews got a bit mixed up. Anyway this I assure you is for the 3rd Time wars book the Pimpernel plot. Now as you realise that you have a book of fiction using a fictitious character ...

The Pimpernel Plot (1999) by Simon Hawke

The Ivanhoe Gambit (2013)

Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews During my teen years back in the early 1980s, my reading consisted of D&D modules/rule books, comics (mainly Marvel), “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and Star Wars novels. Everything else I sort of stayed away from. But then one day I stumbled on th...

The Ivanhoe Gambit (2013) by Simon Hawke

The Hellfire Rebellion (1990)

Mass market paperback

The Hellfire Rebellion (1990) by Simon Hawke