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Good Girl or Gold-Digger?

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Harlequin Mills and Boon Ltd.

Good Girl Or Gold-Digger? - Plot & Excerpts

Chapter Two ‘SO THAT’S us,’ Bill said with a smile. ‘Well, me, anyway. You really need to meet my number two.’ Daisy Bell: the woman from the photograph, according to the article. Deputy manager of the fairground.
Felix was annoyed with himself for being so keen to meet her. For all he knew, she could be married or involved elsewhere. And he wasn’t in the market for a relationship anyway.
But her face had haunted his dreams for the last week, and his heart rate speeded up a notch at the thought of finally meeting her.
‘She’s supposed to be here, but she’s obviously forgotten the time,’ Bill said.
How on earth could she forget a meeting that might make the difference between the museum being a going concern or heading straight for bankruptcy? This really didn’t gel with the picture of the devastated woman in the paper. Or had it been a set-up? Drag in a pretty woman with tears in her eyes to give a human dimension to the piece and the saps would be flocking here in droves, wanting to protect her and invest in the fairground… No, he was being cynical, letting his past get in the way.

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