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Read Heirs Of The Fallen: Book 04 - Wrath Of The Fallen

Heirs of the Fallen: Book 04 - Wrath of the Fallen

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Heirs Of The Fallen: Book 04 - Wrath Of The Fallen - Plot & Excerpts

They had been shuffling along the glowing blue corridor, when everything became brighter than the sun. There had been a terrible roaring noise that grew until it surpassed hearing. Next thing, he and Ulmek were coming awake, both sprawled over broken rocks like clothes for drying. That baffling journey, though, was the least of his concerns.
Grimacing, Adham closed his eyes. His head felt crushed, along with most of his ribs, but he had taken few serious injuries. Scrapes, mostly, and a good many bruises. He would heal soon enough. Such was a gift of the Valara line, something to do with his father being present when the Well of Creation was destroyed.
“For near on three lifetimes of men,” Adham said, slumped on a leaning pillar of rock, eyes squinted against the harsh sunlight, “I’ve fought the Faceless One and his minions, never knowing the enemy was my own father.”
“Don’t be a fool,” Ulmek said, as he ripped another strip of cloth off the hem of his robe and wrapped it around a gash on his arm.

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