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Holy Socks And Dirtier Demons

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Holy Socks And Dirtier Demons - Plot & Excerpts

But where? A half-assed idea formed in my brain.
Devine intervention maybe, but chances were it was plain stupidity.
54 Sixteen I spent the rest of the day hunting for the kid, tracking new reports of suspicious happenings, and supposed miracles throughout the city. An exorcism of an infant in the Bronx turned out to be gas, and a priest faked a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary in Queens. At least I wasn’t hard up enough to e-Bay grilled cheese sandwich faces of Jesus. Yet.
I trolled the streets in a stolen BMW taken from a televangelist who claimed God meant for him to own two houses in Aspen, and a mistress in Manhattan. I flipped through radio stations, looking for the latest news brief.
One particular snippet caught my attention.
A reporter said, “Advocates for the homeless wonder about the overall effects.”
A secondary voice of a homeless guy screeched, “Who’s going to give me money now? No one feels sorry for a two-legged panhandler. I used to pull in fifty bucks a day with one leg, now look at me.

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