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Just Her Type

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Just Her Type - Plot & Excerpts

“I’m so glad you agreed to give up a night in our cushy resort to rough it out here with me.” Dominic stood over a grill preparing their dinner.
“I don’t consider the premium steaks and vegetable kabobs you’re cooking ‘roughing it.’” Kendra relaxed in a lawn chair positioned to avoid direct smoke from the barbecue.
“Wait until you need to use that pit toilet.”
“I’ve survived worse. A certain Porta-Jon at a cabbage festival and tractor pull show comes to mind.” After noting Dominic’s bewildered look she added, “Long story for another day, when we’re not about to eat.” She came to her feet and walked over to hug him from behind. “You pulled this together quickly. Where did you get all this gear?”  A few yards away stood their blue tent that Dominic had quickly erected upon arrival.
“You’d be amazed what I can do when motivated.”
Dominic put down his grilling utensils and turned inside the circle of her arms. He held her tight and kissed her on the forehead.

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