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Luna Tango

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Luna Tango - Plot & Excerpts

This man had dated Iris?
‘Yes, I am sorry about your breakup,’ Carlos said.
She took in Diego’s long fingers—the fingers that had once caressed her mother. Anger ripped through her. Iris shouldn’t have been with any man other than her father. If she’d just stayed put and worked things out like a normal person ...
‘Ah,’ Diego shrugged. ‘It is life, no? A woman loves a man, she changes the mind, she leaves.’ So Iris still had a penchant for leaving and disappointing people she loved. Pain stabbed Dani when she remembered how Iris had constantly disappointed her by saying she’d do something then cancel without a solid reason. Like the time she’d promised to go to the art exhibition at Dani’s kindergarten but never showed. It didn’t matter that she’d won first prize, the only prize she ever wanted was her mother’s love and presence.
‘Well, the male may be the leader in tango but it is the woman who is in charge of romance and hearts.’ Carlos thanked the waiter and took the bottle of wine from him.

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