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Read Marchese's Forgotten Bride (2010)

Marchese's Forgotten Bride (2010)

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Marchese's Forgotten Bride (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

GOD! That was....something. I felt like Cassie should have died and then it would be like 'See what you have done, You've not only kill one person but two' because they were in love with you or one was... can't say the same for the other. It would be like you deserve to live in misery because you've cheated on your fiancee with your mistress. Oh, yeah. I should also say that CHEATING is such a MAJOR TURN-OFF. i was Deeply dissapointed at how this book turned out. its fine that cassy told, or rather let it slipped, sandro that he had kids but i started getting mad when she let herself be manipulated by him in his single minded pursuit to aliviate his guilt to the woman he had had an affair with while still engaged to another, no matter that his fiance & him were already considering calling it off, he was still offically taken.& then stooping so low as to use their kids & her love & devotion to them to his advantage. using them to force her to marry him while she remained clueless to the fact that he had regained his memories. it put me in a bad mood that she didnt stand up for herself. it goes back to the saying that she was all talk & no action. i admire her for her forgiveness & its not a bad trait to have but her compassion is what allowed for her to be so ensnared as she was. he never even apologized for what he put her through! not once! no no no im getting agitated. it would have been a good book if the author had not started w/ making cassy seem easy by sandro kissing her each time sense tried to come knocking into her head. tsk im upset now :///

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Alessandro Marchese como ptotagonista deja mucho q desear... y de eso nada bno

Beautiful and angsty love story!

3.5 stars

loved it


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