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Mia and the Powerful Greek (2000)

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Mia And The Powerful Greek (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I loved this book! Mia was abandoned by her mother as a child and grew up in a small Italian village. Years later she finds out tycoon Oscar Balfour is her true father and so she enters the world of the rich and famous. Her father asks his young protege Nikos to help Mia adjust and fit in to her new life. They can't resist each other and passion leads to pregnancy and that's when things get complicated. I love a ruthless tortured Greek hero with a dark past and a super sweet, sheltered but strong Italian heroine. Their chemistry was off the charts. Mia wanted his love badly but a hero who comes from poverty, abusive parents and foster care is not the easiest man to love. My heart broke at the end when they talk and finally Nikos opens up to Mia about his abusive past. I fell in love with him! So Mia has just discovered that she is the illegitimate Balfour daughter and sits off to meet her father. Nikos is just leaving the Balfour house when he practically runs over Mia and manages to get aroused too!! Soon Oscar Balfour is calling upon Nikos for a favor, and since Nikos feels indebted to Oscar he can’t really refuse. Nikos is to hire Mia and help her acclimate to her new standard of living. When she arrives at Nikos’ office she sets tongues wagging and upsets Nikos as Oscar had intended. Nikos is always feeling a rush of heat down south too!Mia seems to have good instincts about people, and Nikos enjoys being the alpha whenever possible. Of course, he never does any wrong and Mia can’t be trusted out of site. She is the instigator in the reactions men give her, as well. In fact, innocent Mia is a born vamp, according to Nikos. Men are never responsible for their body’s reactions as women are the puppet masters! She even questions this at one point. She seems to blame herself for things too. Mia attempt to take the secretary’s advice and avoid Nikos, but the growly man soon proves that he is essentially a teddy bear….for a while. Mia didn’t have a great childhood and this explains some of her easy acceptance of Oscar and his family. I would still like more information about him though – why he was w/ Mia’s mother years ago. Nikos gives some good advice, but he can’t seem to use it for himself as he too has a bad childhood that has impacted him. No big difference there. There were even a few sexy looks from Nikos towards Mia as they continued to fight their chemistry. Once again the scenes where he gives her those looks and Mia interprets them as disgruntled couldn’t be more off! That is why I tend to have problems w/ first person stories. Mia gets shoved into a pool at a party by someone that blames her for things not working out – I ask what is the difference b/w this one and Nikos then? Nikos tends to blame her as well…DS at work? (dangly syndrome). I loved Mia’s sarcasm at points too. She says, “..bruised my wrist too but I suppose I should apologize for not allowing him to throttle me at the same time!” They smex, she says the dreaded phrase, Nikos turns cruel and walks. Mia claims hate and NEVER forgive. Yeah drama huh? Because 10 times out of 10 they are empty threats given by the h when the H hurts her…for once why can’t they be honest?! I’m guessing those never want bundles that the Hs always claim to feel…are more empty words too. Apparently there is no snip-snip in these stories either! She does admit that she acted as though his cruel treatment of her meant nothing at all. She calls him on the semantics of “sleep” too! Loved it!! He never denied doing anything w/ OW then either. I liked that at times she fought him on things and he did defend her w/ others.

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Quick and easy and catered for my need for a bit of cheesy romance

Needs resolution with her mother and stepfather.

Brilliant :)

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