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Mia's Scandal (2010)

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0263870588 (ISBN13: 9780263870589)
Harlequin, Mills & Boon

Mia's Scandal (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Mia finds out that she is the bastard daughter of the billionaire Balfour, who has lots of daughters and it’s all scandal and mayhem. There are about eight Balfour ladies, and I’ve read about Bella and Sophie, although Sophie was in graphic novel format. So, dammit, couldn’t one of those women actually be competent enough to takeover Dad’s business without that being a complete drama? Probably not, and anyway, it has nothing to do with Mia.Mia had this lovely rustic life in Italy with her aunt and then housekeeping for an English guy, and then she finds out about her Dad and she’s off to England. Her Dad decides she’s not coping very well with being a Balfour, so he gives her to Nikos to be his PA.Nikos is a self-made young billionaire and because I’m really vague on the Balfour background, all I could work out was that he’d been really into Balfour’s wife and protecting her legacy or something, now that she’s dead? So even though there’s no indication that Mia, who is about 20, has the experience or inclination for the job, she’s on as his PA and she’s living in the flat near his where usually his housekeeper lives.Nikos is all about not touching Mia because she’s a Balfour, and maybe slightly because she’s too young and unsophisticated, although she has her innate skills as an Italian woman to wear good clothes. Mia thinks Nikos is handsome but kind of a jerk for a boss.I never thought much of their chemistry, and while I really quite liked Mia because she stood up for herself, I couldn’t work Nikos out. There is a bit of his backstory, but maybe he’d been a previous book and there was a bit more character development? He’s got the customary Reid hero thing of being a selfish bastard, but I found him a bit lacking in interest. Mia has just found out that she is one of eight sisters. She is the illegitimate child. Her mother never wanted her, her father never acknowledged her.When her father Oscar does finally accept her, her pawns her off on one of his friends. (Yes, he is such a great father- rolls eyes)Nikos reluctantly lets Mia work for him. He is a horrible, horrible man. I'm sorry but I don't think that its very romantic when a guy picks on you all the time. He criticizes her all the time. Her clothes, even her manners.Nikos makes it very clear that he doesn't want her but he gets jealous when Mia talks to someone else.But he still manages to go out with other woman at the start of the book and Mia falls for all this!This is just an insult to women. No woman should allow any man to put her down.And the ending. I wanted to slap Mia. Slap her until some sense sunk into that thick head of hers.

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Pretty cute love story!! Nikos acts as gentleman thought but eventually loose it to her ...altogether a good entertainment

just one thing .... i didn't like the Heroine's personalty ...but it is a good story :)

Review haiku:New job with tycoon.His promise: not to touch her.But he can't resist.



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