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Maxwell's Crossing (2012)

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Allison & Busby

Maxwell's Crossing (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

He was still asleep as the day shift started to arrive and Jacquie for one hoped that would remain the case for a while. She thought she had better bring Henry Hall up to date and went up to his office. She was about to knock on the door when it flew open and Bob Thorogood barrelled out, red in the face, with a vein throbbing threateningly at his temple.
    ‘Morning, Bob,’ she said, stepping back.
    ‘Oh, yes, morning to you as well, Inspector,’ he spat and headed down the stairs. As he reached the half landing, he shouted, ‘Bastard,’ and was gone.
    Tentatively, Jacquie went into Hall’s office, half expecting him to be lying unconscious on the floor, but no. He was sitting in his usual imperturbability behind his desk, signing a pile of letters. He looked up.
    ‘Good morning,’ he said. ‘Sorry about that. Just had to give Bob a bit of bad news.’ ‘Redundancy?’ Jacquie asked. Bob was a bit of an idiot, a dinosaur but not in a good way, but he was harmless enough.

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