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Read People Of The Thunder (North America's Forgotten Past)

People of the Thunder (North America's Forgotten Past)

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People Of The Thunder (North America's Forgotten Past) - Plot & Excerpts

In winter, Trader had come to realize, it often warmed before a storm. The warm air enhanced the muddy smell of the river as he and Old White stood at the Feathered Serpent Town landing. Around them, a crowd of people had come to say farewell. They wore their finest dress, and he caught the smoky odor rising from their clothing. Trader saw to the loading of his last pack after reassuringly patting the war medicine box, undisturbed the entire time.
Old White was in the process of handing the two erstwhile guards small sacks of tobacco, saying, “This is narrow leaf, mixed with a plant called kinnikinik. It only grows in the far north, up toward the Western Mountains. Save it for special occasions, for there is no other like it anywhere in this part of the world.”
Chief White Bear stood beside matron Clay Bell, watching thoughtfully. “You are sure you will not stay?”
“We are Traders, Great Chief.” Old White bowed slightly. “As much as we have been delighted with your kind hospitality, and enjoyed our time at Feathered Serpent Town, we serve the Power of Trade.

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