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Reckless Karma (Sinners & Saints #2)

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Chelsea Ballinger

Reckless Karma (Sinners & Saints #2) - Plot & Excerpts

Nicky Young yells from the upper deck of his yacht. We look up from the dock where two women in white bikinis are waiting with trays of shots of light liquor.
            “Good to see your maybe sibling hasn’t lost his touch with hospitality,” I say to Jordana, grabbing a shot. Everyone, including Jordana and Nicky, knows that they are most likely siblings, but like the rest of us, no one really cares.
            The yacht takes off as we enter. Half naked women walking around. I can sense the tension already with Juliet about Karlie, so the fact some of these half naked women are coming up to me flaunting their silicone breasts in my face does not help.
            “Hugo, haven’t seen you in a while,” Olivia says to me while her cousin Abigail slides her hand around my neck.
            Juliet arches her brow at me as Nicky Young comes up to her.
            “You sure you’re taken?” he asks referring to the time she rejected him to pursue something with me.

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