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Resolution (Saviour)

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Resolution (Saviour) - Plot & Excerpts

I stretch and smile as I feel Gabe kissing my shoulder and running his palm over my hip, I’m lying half on my side, sort of in the recovery position and I love the way he strokes over the dip of my waist, it makes me feel feminine – womanly, but then his hand moves forward and I panic that he’s going to feel my belly. my waist is great when I lay on my side, my belly, not so and I certainly don’t want him grabbing a handful; I roll over onto my back and am met with his beautiful blue eyes looking down at me, he looks…worried??
    “What’s wrong, where’s Ava, what’s wrong?”
    “Ava’s fine; did I hurt you last night?”
    “What? When?”
    I sit up in total confusion and look at him, his hair is wet and he smells delicious, he must have showered already.
    He strokes my face and kisses my forehead, “What’s wrong, what are you talking about?”
    I try to sit up straighter so I’m level with him but it’s hard to do with just one good arm and I have to wriggle my bum back into the headboard.

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