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Read Suicide Squad, Vol. 3: Death Is For Suckers (2013)

Suicide Squad, Vol. 3: Death is for Suckers (2013)

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1401243169 (ISBN13: 9781401243166)
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Suicide Squad, Vol. 3: Death Is For Suckers (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Lies, betrayal, and a whole lot of trouble!I rarely give 5 stars so this speaks a lot for this series. This has been one of my favourite titles since I started the new 52. Previously not because of the solid writing, but because of the characters and their infectious personalities. After finishing this book I can say Adam Glass have achieved a new level in storytelling, making a diverse, interesting read with twists and turns!This book picks up right where we left off. I don't want to give anything away to anybody so I won't tell you about what goes on in the story. But I'll tell you now that I was pleasantly surprised at how much they have improved. The 'Death of the Family' tie in was perfectly done. I have to say this tie in really shows you the psychological bond Harley and Joker share. It may be one of the most insightful stories of the Joker's mind I've read. Aside from the DOTF tie in there is some great stories building up. The team are really starting to work together and your really getting a feel for who everyone is. Harley is once again a stand out and is really is coming into her own light. King Shark continues to interest me and I'm really keen to see what his backstory is. Once again the art is fantastic and bold. This book has everything you would want in a comic. Action, twists, great dialogue and a whole lot of brutality! The Joker's back and he's a little pissed that his lucky lady has moved on. It doesn't matter that Deadshot is six feet under, Joker still has a score to settle. He wants to make absolute sure that he can trust Harley.Always happy to see the Joker! And they went all out with the title because truly, death is for suckers. It seems that everyone has died at least once since the beginning of the series, some characters twice. There's something Waller is doing to the Suicide Squad members, but none of that has been made perfectly clear yet.Suspense and action and a bit of a cliffhanger at the end. Who survives to the next round?

What do You think about Suicide Squad, Vol. 3: Death Is For Suckers (2013)?

This series just keeps getting better. What is really going on with this team.

3.5*. The best one so far. Will be reading Volume 4 later on in the year.

Cool. Getting more interesting. Like these mixed up, non-conformists.

Better than having my face sliced off with a straight razor.

Another winning collection.

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