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Tales From a Broad

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Tales From A Broad - Plot & Excerpts

Facebook Status June 13 at 5:00pm     After deciding that Cinderella’s judgment hadn’t been impaired by four hours of champagne and wine at a vineyard, I decided to give myself a break. I allowed myself ten more minutes to sulk and then turned to an old reliable pick-me-up, my version of happy hour. I turned on the tub faucets. It was time to pamper myself.
I dug through my backpack and retrieved a rotting banana from a fruit stand in Munich and a packet of honey from tea in London. I mixed them together with the leftover milk from this morning’s coffee and whipped up a facemask. Thank you, Self magazine, for that tip! Then I lathered conditioner in my hair and wrapped my head in a warm towel that had been soaking in the running tub.
I had one foot in the bubbling tub when I heard a knock at the door.
“Hang on,” I yelled as I stepped back onto the cold bathroom tiles. I figured it was probably Cooper, and I’d just talk to him through the door.
No. If we were going to make a go at this, I had to keep it real.

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