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Read The Case Of The Stolen Film (2008)

The Case of the Stolen Film (2008)

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The Case Of The Stolen Film (2008) - Plot & Excerpts

It was blistered and blackened but it would heal more quickly than the terrible injuries Almaz and Elsinor had sustained during their exile.
    He had left them on the beach waiting for Minertia to appear. He hadn’t told them about her final confession. She had said the secret was just for him.
    The rock pulled away above his head to reveal the early morning sky above. Dirk figured he must have been gone a couple of days. He was on a hill from which he could see the outskirts of Los Angeles. He headed down the hill and travelled across rooftops but every flap of his wings hurt, so he found a truck going in the right direction, jumped on top and blended with it.
    The book on the history of Sands Hall had given Dirk an idea but he wanted to give his wounds a little time to heal before putting his plan into action. Still avoiding Kitelsky and Putz, he steered clear of the Hollywood sign and, instead, found the cinema across the road from Sorrentino Solutions, where he connected to the phone line.

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