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The Devil's in the Details

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The Devil's In The Details - Plot & Excerpts

“Because we work with brides.”
“In Houston,” Burke pointed out. “Why are you sending us all the way to Boston?”
Because it was the only wedding extravaganza taking place this weekend, with the exception of the Beaverville Bridal Bash in Beaverville, Alaska. Um, yeah. Not that I had anything against Alaska. But the bash was a Saturday-only event and I needed my faithful assistants out of my hair and far, far away from the demonic wedding about to take place this weekend. The Boston expo ran Thursday through Sunday, which made it the perfect distraction.
“Boston?” Burke prodded again. “Really?”
“Boston is the new New York when it comes to designer bridal couture.” My mind raced for a convincing argument. “Modern Bride did a big write-up about how Boston is a virtual hotbed of wedding trends.”
“Which issue?” Andrew cut a glance at me. “I’ve read every issue cover to cover and I don’t remember any such article.”
“I think it was an online exclusive.”

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