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The Grave Switcheroo

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The Grave Switcheroo - Plot & Excerpts

They were all there by the afternoon and waited around the house. Garry called about quarter to five, asking to re-confirm directions. He arrived a little after five thirty.
      Cynthia felt a surge of excitement and apprehension, as she walked over to open the front door. And there he was, dressed in black trousers, light blue shirt and light gray jacket. His dark brown hair were shining and combed back neatly. He looked polished and cool, Cynthia thought.    “Hi, here I am' He smiled "Is this is really your place ?  Nice!" He asked, showing awe in his voice.
      “Yes.  Thank you”  Cynthia smiled.  “Come on in ”
      As they walked in the hall way, she said “I am sorry, my maid had to leave for a day … some family emergency, she told me. Maybe we will sit here for a while and then we go out”
      “Oh, yes, certainly …” He said quickly “In fact I’ll to take you out this time, we can have coffee at your place the next time”

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