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The Sadist's Bible

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The Sadist's Bible - Plot & Excerpts

All characters, names, and events portrayed are fictional or are used in an imaginary manner to entertain. Any resemblance to any real persons, living or dead, is co-incidence or purely intentional for the purpose of satire.
THE SADIST’S BIBLE By Nicole Cushing.
Ebook first published by 01Publishing 2016.
Copyright © 2016 Nicole Cushing.
All Rights Reserved.
Cover Art by Josh Finney.
Cover Design Copyright © 2012 by Josh Finney MORE INFO: WWW.01PUBLISHING.COM WWW.NICOLECUSHING.WORDPRESS.COM ISBN-00: 978-0-9839230-9-1 Electronic Edition April 2016 CHAPTERS The Covenant The Escape from God Captured Faith Revelations Damned with Blessings Miracles The Covenant “Do u really think ur ready 2 die? I don’t want u chickening out on me.”
Ellie thought about Lori’s question. Stared at it in the chat window. Rubbed her eyes.
Yawned. It was late. She should start packing, but she had to see this through. It was simply too important a conversation to cut short. The click-clack of keys on her ancient laptop sounded like grinding teeth as they churned out her reply.

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