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The Tennis Player from Bermuda

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The Tennis Player From Bermuda - Plot & Excerpts

Catherine and Lady Thakeham were going to another party, and Harold would return to Hyde Park Gate to collect them after he left us at Brown’s. Mark was polite but distant. I was thinking only of my second round match. When we had left home, the BBC was reporting that the two girls in my bracket were still battling it out on a court at Roehampton, even though it was almost dark. I would play the winner in the second round. Defeating Anastazja had given me a much-needed boost of confidence, but still I was so nervous about the second round that I was almost wringing my hands.I knew how Claire would deal with the uncertainty. She would ignore it. ‘There’s nothing for you to do about it,’ Claire would say. ‘So why worry?’ I tried not to worry but couldn’t help it.As Harold pulled the Bentley to a stop at Brown’s, I worked at pulling myself together for my cousin’s party. My dress was a long, pale green gown that had last seen service at a dinner dance at the Mid-Ocean Club years ago.

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