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There's a Spaceship in My Tree!

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There's A Spaceship In My Tree! - Plot & Excerpts

5 Goons, Geeks, and Other Life Forms “Hey, look, I’m sorry,” Beamer stammered as two kids carried him by the elbows over to the teen mummy. Kids all around were snickering and giggling. The bully’s head whirled around with a vengeance and immediately the pockets of laughter choked off. “I . . . I didn’t see you,” Beamer said anxiously, fumbling to unwind the tether wrapping.
Then the big kid burst out of the remaining strands like a cartoon hand grenade exploding, sending the ball careening off the chin of one of his yokels.
“You dolt,” he growled, grabbing Beamer by the shirt collar. Two of Beamer’s buttons popped off in a trajectory that took them right across his nose. “Are you ready to die?”
“Who? Me?” Beamer squeaked, feeling like a chicken about to get his neck wrung. “It was an accident.” Actually, with his throat crushed to the size of a toothpick, what actually came out was “Oooo? mmmmeee? Iiik aaaahs an aaaxcccnnn.”
“Look, nobody gets away with making Jared Foster look bad,”

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