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Time Untime - Plot & Excerpts

Kateri gaped as Ren moved to stand between her and whatever was approaching them. “Ren—”
“I’m immortal and I just got you resuscitated. You’re a lot more important than I am. Now do what I say … please.”
Those words had her riled up until the please at the end. That one word coupled with the break of fear for her in his voice took every bit of the sting out of his sharp order. And it rammed home what he was really saying.
He who never cried, had cried over her.
“A’ight, baby,” she said with a smile. “But just so you know, you get hurt, I’m opening up a can of ’Bama whup-ass on them so big it’s gonna look like an LSU Bowl showdown. You hear me? Roll Tide.”
Sasha turned around to face her with a severe scowl. “I speak dozens of languages and hundreds of dialects, but be damned if I caught a single word of that. Am I the only one completely baffled?”
Sundown cocked his gun. “He said he loved her. She said, ‘I love you, too.’ Now shush.”
Sasha stood there moving his finger back and forth as if repeating her words silently in his head.

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