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Times of Trouble

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Victoria Rollison

Times Of Trouble - Plot & Excerpts

He was still speeding, making navigation a challenge. We finally pulled into the car park, after missing the entrance, and having to circle the block. There was a chance that the hospital could be a dead end, but we were both high on adrenalin.
‘Do you want me to run in, while you to find a park?’ ‘No, we’ll go in together. There’s no point separating now.’ The car park lift was frustratingly slow, and brought us out into a reception area with arrows pointing to what seemed like hundreds of different departments and wards. Liam glanced at the note Kylie had given us, and scanned the list for the Paediatrics department.
‘Level 4…’ Just as we were about to run towards the lift, a nurse stepped in front of us, and asked if we needed any help.
‘We’re looking for Paediatrics. We have to see Dr Cheng,’ I blurted out.
We must have looked so panicked she assumed we were visiting our sick child. She looked at us with the sort of pity that nurses must use every day, and directed us down the corridor, to another lift area, and up to level four.

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