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Tomorrow - Plot & Excerpts

Get up! Get up!” Samantha was screaming, her hand wrapped around Paige’s upper arm, pulling her away from their campsite they’d made a home of the past few hours. Her other hand was busy with the shotgun, aimed at two of the infected bodies walking toward them. The shot rang out and one of the forms went down.
    Paige bolted to her feet, immediately reaching for the handgun tucked into the back of her pants. “Leave the bags,” she told her companion. They had no chance if they went back for them. “Run!”
    Samantha did what she was told, wrapping both hands around their protection as they ran further into the mountain pass. It was an easy process, one they’d been training for over the past year and a half. They could go another hour without stopping and that was exactly what they were going to do. “I didn’t hear them until it was too late.” She breathed, easily keeping pace with Paige through the branches and bushes littering the mountain pass floor.

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