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Daisy Miller, when she called in to see her on her ward round the next morning, looked cheerful. 'How was the movie?' asked Annabel.
    'Great.' Daisy beamed. 'Well, from what I remember. I was too excited about all the famous people in the audience to notice much. And I was back on time,' she told her, dimpling a little when Annabel's registrar rolled her eyes tellingly. 'Well, maybe twenty minutes late, but that's all. And I'm in good shape today, Dr Stuart. I promise. My breathing's almost normal this morning and my heart's been fine. At least as fine as it ever is. I hardly even feel tired after last night and I haven't had any real problems since Monday. Can I go home?' 'Let's have a look at you.' Annabel examined her heart, the back of her chest then the pulsation level in one of the veins in her neck—the height of the pulsation gave her an indication of Daisy's fluid levels.
    'Your ECHO yesterday wasn't as good as I was hoping it was going to be,' she conceded when she'd finished.

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