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Weird Space 2: Satan's Reach

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Weird Space 2: Satan's Reach - Plot & Excerpts

He sat up – or rather tried to. He was strapped into a couch on the flight-deck of an unfamiliar ship. The bounty hunters’ ship, of course. Through the triangular viewscreen he could see the clearing, with the blazing Ajantan ship in the foreground surrounded by dozens of dead aliens. Beyond was the long-house and, beside it, his ship. The hatch was open.
He struggled, but the clamps on his wrists and ankles held him fast.
“You’re wasting your time trying to get free, Harper.”
Janaker moved into sight and leaned against the console below the viewscreen. She was holding a carton of beer and taking the occasional sip. She was bigger than he recalled her from Tarrasay, both taller and broader, and more muscular. She wore a jerkin with the sleeves cut away to reveal impressive biceps.
He looked around. “Where’s Zeela?”
“With her people...” She indicated the long-house over her shoulder. “And don’t worry. We didn’t harm her.”
She stood over him, her gaze unreadable.

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