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You Complete Me

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You Complete Me - Plot & Excerpts

He grinned. She’d curled against his side and balled her fist on his chest. He thought about when they’d made love. He knew exactly what she’d heard. The Goddess had come to them and blessed the joining. He tucked his free arm behind his head. He hadn’t expected the Goddess to ever bless him, but to join him with a Hunter? Someone had a screwed up sense of humor.
    Not sick, but twisted. She could kill him. She hadn’t and he’d definitely fallen into something deeper than simple attraction with her. She wasn’t like Ava. When she decided to do something, she went full on. He might not live to see another day immersed in the world of the Hunters if one of the others found out he was with her, but at least she wouldn’t screw him over.
    “Hagan, you’re thinking too hard.” Emily sighed. She rubbed her nude body against his, sending shivers down his spine. “My room is full of smoke from your thoughts.”

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