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Read Series: Goddess Girls

by Author Joan Holub


Cassandra the Lucky (2013)

In the 12th Goddess Girl's book we finally get a whole book told from the point of view of someone outside MOA! Or almost a whole book, this book is told from alternating POVs of Cassandra and Athena. I liked seeing the book told from outside MOA although the main group of goddess girls (particul...

Cassandra the Lucky (2013) by Joan Holub

Persephone the Daring (2013)

I picked this book because i read most of the series and because Persephone has only one book. I finished it because i love to finish books.the summary of this book starts with how Persephone got voted the most dependable and she wants to be daring. When the most famous singer comes to MOA Persep...

Persephone the Daring (2013) by Joan Holub

Pheme the Gossip (2013)

This book was pretty good, not my favourite in the series, but not my least favourite either. I loved the concept of Pheme having to not-gossip for one whole day, and how Eros helped her deal with it. Phaeton was a good character and I liked his whole storyline and stuff. Pheme was good in this o...

Pheme the Gossip (2013) by Joan Holub

Pandora the Curious (2012)

The book "Goddess Girls - Pandora the Curious" by Joann Holub and Suzanne Williams was about a girl named Pandora who was curious and brave. She opened a box full of trouble bubbles. The bubbles scattered all over the school. Whenever a bubble hits someone, it says something. Nobody can hear it, ...

Pandora the Curious (2012) by Joan Holub

Artemis the Loyal (2011)

Die Olympischen Spiele stehen vor der Tür, aber sie sind leider nur für Jungs. Artemis ist außer sich, sie ist der Meinung das Mädchen genauso gut sind wie die Jungs. Also versuchen sie und ihre Freundinnen alles um für Gleichheit unter den Geschlechtern zu sorgen. Doch können sie diese Schlacht ...

Artemis the Loyal (2011) by Joan Holub

Medusa the Mean (2012)

"Medusa the Mean" by Joan Holub was a beautiful story because it was unsuspected . I couldn't put down this book because I wanted to know if Medusa will become Immortal or get out of MOA because she was stealing. Joan Holub is a great author for making this book to be unsuspected. For example, "Y...

Medusa the Mean (2012) by Joan Holub

Ein Herz für Aphrodite (2012)

This is the 3rd book in the goddess girls series and the goddess of love is having boy troubles... she is tired of boys only paying attention to her because of her looks. But when she gives her best friend a makeover all the boys ignore her and pay attention to her friend. Especially Aphrodite's ...

Ein Herz für Aphrodite (2012) by Joan Holub

Atenea la inteligente (2013)

A cute read for junior elementary students. I love Greek mythology and it was cute to see a different spin on the gods/goddesses. This is the first book in a series of 15, so Holub had to do a bit of background developing, presumably, for the later volumes. Since the book is geared for a younger ...

Atenea la inteligente (2013) by Joan Holub

Goddess Girls: Si Cerdas Athena (2013)

This book takes all the appeal factors of realistic fiction aimed at girls (new school, making friends, mean girls, etc.) and puts it in a setting that enables kids to learn a bit about ancient Greece. This would be great for kids who like Dear Dumb Diary or Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls and who...

Goddess Girls: Si Cerdas Athena (2013) by Joan Holub

Aphrodite the Diva (2011)

This book is about the goddesses Aphrodite and Isis. And how they are competing to see who is the true goddess of love. and this book is written by Joan Holub. This book is about how Aphrodite has a D in hero-ology. to raise her grade she comes up with a brilliant plan,an extra credit project for...

Aphrodite the Diva (2011) by Joan Holub

Athena the Wise (2011)

Athena the Wise is a few months after Athena starts at Mount Olympus Academy, she meets a new kid at school named Heracles. He needs help fitting in, and Athena helps him. Heracles also has to complete twelve labors. Athena thinks that she can help him, so they have to work together to complete t...

Athena the Wise (2011) by Joan Holub

Artemis the Brave (2010)

In this book, Artemis falls in love with Orion and then she falls out of it when Orion doesn't appreciate what she has done for him. Artemis realized that Orion was just using her for his own popularity. At the end, Orion steals Artemis's arrows and aces the archery contest. Orion secretly slips ...

Artemis the Brave (2010) by Joan Holub

Persephone the Phony (2010)

I really enjoyed this book, much more than the first (Athena the Brain) - probably because there was more time for the story and less backstory building (not that the first book had much of that, it was quite short - probably too short). This book was cute in that it teaches it's readers (target ...

Persephone the Phony (2010) by Joan Holub

Aphrodite the Beauty (2010)

In my opinion, this book was pretty interesting, had an original way of over coming a problem, but the rest of the story was pretty unoriginal. Just by reading the first few chapters can already tell you what will happen for he rest of the book. It had a cheesy story of like high school drama. No...

Aphrodite the Beauty (2010) by Joan Holub

Athena the Brain (2010)

This book was the right read at the right time, which can definitely affect how one responds. It is a light, fun take on the Greek pantheon. While the classics major in me took exception to some aspects of the book (such as how the author decided which gods would be children and which would be ...

Athena the Brain (2010) by Joan Holub