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Read Series: Lies Beneath

by Author Anne Greenwood Brown


Promise Bound (2014)

Final book of the series. I was ok with the wrap-up, but it seemed a little rushed to me. At 75% I was sure there had to be a book 4 because there was just way too much to resolve, but at 85%, I resigned myself to the fact that this was it whether I like it or not. The central plot was resolved, ...

Promise Bound (2014) by Anne Greenwood Brown

L'écume des mensonges (2000)

Overall, good story. Didn't like it as much as book one, but it's still good. At first I was upset that it wasn't told in Calder's perspective, but I do see why. It wouldn't really work in his. So if book one is told in Calder's, and book two in Lily's... It makes me wonder if book three will be ...

L'écume des mensonges (2000) by Anne Greenwood Brown

Le baiser des sirènes (2013)

I really, really like the ideas in this book. The way Brown portrayed mermaids and their true nature was definitely different from the majority of mermaid/fairy-tale books, and I liked that. From Goodreads reviews, I was expecting it to be much more horrifying than it actually was - but then, may...

Le baiser des sirènes (2013) by Anne Greenwood Brown

Un bacio dagli abissi (2012)

3.5 StarsWARNING: The merpeople in this book are not Disney mermaids. Calder White and his sisters are honor-bound to find and kill Jason Hancock. When they find him, Calder's sisters summon Calder back to Lake Superior. They send him in to infiltrate the family to eventually lure Jason out into ...

Un bacio dagli abissi (2012) by Anne Greenwood Brown

Lies Beneath (2012)

The single best part about this book are the predatory mermaids. I've read a lot of mermaid books lately, and none of them have been quite so dark as this one - and I loved the dark bits. The twist at the end was pretty good, although I could definitely see most of it coming, but the middle was f...

Lies Beneath (2012) by Anne Greenwood Brown