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Halligan To My Axe (2000)

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Halligan To My Axe (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I don't know why, but I love that Lani takes the MC world and gives it a little twist and a cherry on top with the way she writes this series. It's not the normal raw, dirty, gritty, dark MC world. It's more of raw with a twist. Our bikers have their dirty mouths, and they can sex it up like a Chip N Dale's dancer, but they're good guys. They're faithful, real, normal guys. They don't just live in the MC world, they have lives and jobs outside of the MC. Do they have the MC brotherhood that we know and love from MC books? Absolutely. But it's almost like you have to draw the line and say that's the dark side, and this, HTMA, is the bright side. So you get the feel of the MC but it's just not super dark. Now don't get me wrong, it's got drama. Totally doesn't pan out how you expect. You expect certain people to act certain ways or be bad, and you're surprised when may you are wrong. I love that Addy is a little spitfire, and lucky for us we get a double dose with her twin Viddy. You want to know why I say we're lucky? Because not only do we get to read about Kettle, but we also get to read about another MC brother of his who may or may not have the hots for Viddy. So we get two spitfires and a story and a half of a love story. I also feel like with this story, Lani's writing style totally stepped it up a little bit. I got a little lost in characters in the first book, but in this one, I don't feel like I had that issue. It flowed seemlessly and kept me intrigued and interested the whole time. This book was da bomb!! It was SUPER exciting, SUPER Sexy and had a SUPER Alpha Hero.The h was amazing, funny and totally perfect for the H. I loved the h's twin sister too and can't wait for her book!I won't lie, the 1st in this series didn't do it for me, so I was a LITTLE hesitant to start this one. I'm so very glad that I did.Totally recommend to anyone that loves a great, broody, sexy H and a funny, exciting h. Their chemistry is GREAT and the story itself was wonderfully told.

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Wow!! Love love this series...great how free is still a little part of it! :)

I liked this book, had lots of humor. looking forward to more in this series

Awesome!!!! Can't wait until the next book in the series.

loved it!, Need more!

Review to come!

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