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Lights To My Siren (2000)

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Lights To My Siren (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I like how just about everyone in this book was some type of civil service employee, paramedic, fire fighter and police. This is a very different MC book than most of the ones out today. I really liked Baylee and Sebastian. The secondary characters play a big part of the book too. The characters are very well written and the storyline is really good. There were a couple of places where I didn't realize the timeline was shifting in the book for a while though. I don't like to give spoilers so let me just say something happens and when Sebastian says he realizes he's screaming and once I read that sentence a cried like I knew him personally. Also, there are hints to things about Sebastian but never get explained so maybe some of that will be in book 2. Meet Sebastian – he’s an ex-marine, a firefighter, President of the Dixie Wardens MC and a single dad, which has had a great effect on his life. His life is chaotic and he doesn’t have time for relationships…until he meets Baylee, then all bets are off! He quite frequently goes in ultra-protective alpha mode and is sometimes a little too ultra-protective much to Baylee’s dislike.Baylee caught her ex- boyfriend cheating on her and so she ups and moves to be closer to her family and secures work at the local fire department as an EMT thus creating a fresh start for herself.I loved the relationships between Sebastian and his son and Baylee and his son and the chemistry between Sebastian and Baylee is sizzling and makes for a fantastic read.I also loved the element of suspense with the firebug that is terrorizing the towns and I especially loved the little quotes that are at the start of each chapter.I rated it 4 stars as there were a few editing issues that I wasn’t able to overlook, other than that I LOVED IT!I was given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Tanya.

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Sebastian and Baylee were a great match. I enjoyed this book it had some action and love. Good read.

Loved it! Could use some editing though.

3.5 Stars

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