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Read The Spinoza Of Market Street (1981)

The Spinoza of Market Street (1981)

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The Spinoza Of Market Street (1981) - Plot & Excerpts

So this is a bundle of short stories that I picked up in Iceland. It was the name that caught my eye plus I did not want to leave the (2nd hand) bookstore empty handed. A critic is quoted on the front saying: "Life in the ghettos of Poland", which was enough for me to catch my attention. From then on I started carrying it with me at all times, reading a story while waiting, using public transport or when bored. Having a short story collection within hand reach is something I advice at all times to who-ever wants to read more since it's so easy to read 10 or so pages.The stories featured are all religious based on Jewish folks, something I haven't read before and which was a refreshing theme. One was even written from the perspective of demons that live beneath the earth, with Jewish names and all. Many rabbi's make their appearances, just like beggars, (cheating) women and (deceiving) men. Although this seems to be plenty to write about the stories got boring once in a while and felt a little repetitive. But spreading out the collection in a couple of months was a good way to enjoy them nonetheless.

I bought this collection after hearing Ernest Gaines say he was inspired by the title story. I'm only getting to the collection now (almost 2 years later) but I'm so glad I did. (I also understand now why critics thought of Singer when reviewing Nathan Englander's "For the Relief of Unbearable Urges," which I read some time ago and really liked.)Of course, I'm reading these stories in translation, but they read effortlessly and smoothly -- the prose is flawless. The plots are unique and inventive -- I was never sure where a story was headed with their mixtures of superstition and religion, tradition and modernity, demons and humans, love and irony.

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